Monday, December 19, 2016

Artek Limited Edition Midnight Blue Editions

Not sure where I've been this year and how I haven't seen these beauties thus far but I have just come across Artek's Midnight Blue editions of several of their designs and I am completely in love!

The pieces are available in various different variants already, which I have admired for some time, but the new Midnight Blue versions have to be my new favourites. The only downside is they're limited edition and only available until January 2017 so unfortunately I will be missing out but I suppose there's no harm in looking.

Artek A110 Pendant Lamp, Alvar Aalto via Skandium
Artek 115 Umbrella Stand, Alvar Aalto via Skandium
Artek Kanto Magazine Rack, Pancho Nikander via Skandium

The top two designs are designed by the Finnish Architect and Designer Alvar Aalto who I must admit that I have a slight obsession with, it's no coincidence that I named my blog after a quote of his - "Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form" Alvar Aalto 1928. I seriously love his work, it speaks to me and inspires me more than any other designers ever has. His designs are modern, simple and functional yet with his use of natural materials and organic curves, and Aalto's philosophy that his furniture "is made with the ambition to support and nourish human beings’ physical and psychological wellbeing", his work is warm and friendly and improves it's users lives. Oh and it also happens to be flipping beautiful!

Much love,

- Chelsea

Monday, December 5, 2016

Back to Blogging

So after a very long break, almost 2 years to be precise, I'm finally back to blogging and have decided to start afresh and delete all previous posts. It sounds like a drastic move but so much has happened since I last blogged that it felt right for my blog to have a fresh start, like I myself have.

I'll be honest I'm under no illusions that many, if any, people will read this but I missed the creative outlet that blogging gave me and I thought it'd be fun to start writing again. I've also been struggling with my mood and keep getting down so I'm hoping that this will be a positive place for me to focus my attention on. That's the plan anyway. :) 

So who am I, I hear you ask. My name's Chelsea, I'm 27 year's old and currently live in Bolsover, near Chesterfield in the UK, with my boyfriend James, his parents and their two cats. That's me below (I'm the one without the beard!)

Me and James, Scarborough 2016

My main love is interiors, which is what I used to mainly write about here, I also love gardening, art, architecture and good design and I've always tried to share a little bit of everything that inspires me here and plan to continue to do so (hopefully you'll find something that inspires you here too). I'll try to be a lot more honest than I have done previously though, no matter how difficult it is sometimes I'm hoping that this will be an outlet for me. Although don't worry it won't be all doom and gloom, I'm just bored of only seeing the stylised and unreal representations of people's lives that people share and which I myself used to and I'd like to try to share the real me, not just the person I wish I was.

It's been a funny old couple of years since I last wrote a post, there's been some tough times and some truly wonderful ones too. I could bore you with all the details but I'd rather concentrate on the here and now and the hopefully happy times to come which I hope you don't mind indulging me on, just this once.

So the now, I'm currently living with my boyfriend's parents whilst we save up for a deposit for our first home. We were renting for almost a year but it was becoming too difficult to save so we made the tough decision to give away most of our belongings and move back. Having had to move back to my own parent's home several times over the years it's been tough to be without my own space again but James's parents have been amazing and have helped me feel at home as best that they can.

Our previous rented home

The giving away of belongings was actually more therauputic than difficult and meant that I evaluated what every item meant to me and only kept what was either useful or beautiful. Moving back again and having few possessions has also taught me to be more grateful for what I have and that I don't need belongings to make me happy. That said, it doesn't stop me looking at beautiful things but I'm more of the opinion that less is more and am drawn more towards quality over quantity. I still can't help constantly daydreaming and planning how the house will feel and the colours and styles I like either, which is what I plan to share here. My previous home was fairly minimal and neutral but I'm aiming for something a little different and more me in our own home, you'll see what I mean.

Anyways, brief introductions over. Thanks for visiting and until next time, I wish you all a happy day.

- Chelsea